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Thermal Recovery System

Thermal Recovery System TRS

Increases Battery Life

UK has developed a patented technology we call Thermal Recovery System (TRS).
We all know that starting a car in freezing temperature can be difficult because car batteries produce less power when they are cold. Similarly,the batteries use in flashlights also produce less power when they are cold. That’s why the engineers at UK developed our TRS technology. It works by transferring heat generated by the LED into the battery area by means of an internal metal heat sinks.


The result is a cooler LED that burns brighter and warmed batteries that burn longer. This can be essential when used in very cold water or sub-freezing above water temperatures.

How well does this technology work? We’ve tested our TRS performance to temperatures at -20°F (-30°C) and found our 4AA CPO maintained close to 80 lumens for over 6 hours! Instead, some competitors lights burned dimly then soon went out. If you want the brightest light in cold conditions for the longest time than any other light in the world, look for the TRS symbol on select UK light technology products.