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Compound Path Optics


CPO Technology Improves Visibility and Efficiency

When there’s fog, smoke, or dust in the air, a broad-beamed light can blind your co-workers or reflect off of particles in the air or water making for poor visibility. For certain professional lighting needs, sometimes the best light source offers the most center weighted beam. That’s why the engineers at UK developed our patented Compound Path Optics (CPO) technology. The unique design of the CPO reflector captures the light and focuses it into a brighter, and more narrow beam with almost no "spill light".


Less Spill Light

See further in poor visibility. Like fog, smoke, rain, snow, and murky water.

CPO Beam pictured top left. Notice that most of the light emitted is centered in the middle of the beam and that the area of spill light is significantly less than the example below.

Conventional beam bottom left. The spill light from a parabolic reflector can bounce back and blind you in poor visibility. It is like having your high beam car headlights on in fog. The lamp source is also not shielded, so a nearby person will be blinded looking into at it.


CPO Technology Reduces Size and Weight

Not only does CPO technology create a crisp, narrow beam of pure light, it’s able to do this in a small, compact space. When you need focused light in tough conditions, look for our CPO symbol to know that you’re getting a more concentrated beam than anything else out there.