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Hands-Free Light

UK Headlamps Light the Way

Your job is faster and more efficient when you are able to use both hands. In many environments, a durable, purpose-built headlamp is the best tool for the job.

UK understands the demands on workers in many industries, and we have a choice of headlamps for any use. Vizion headlamps were the first and only headlamps designed for the special requirements of industrial workers and their demanding applications. For example, the large, easy-to-find on/off button that can be used with heavy industrial work gloves.

All UK Vizion headlamps are available with a rubber hardhat strap, a fabric woven band, or a convenient helmet mount. 

Each headlamp has an adjustable beam angle, so you can choose whether to use the tight beam, a diffused beam, or a "red" mode that helps the user maintain their distance night vision in low light applications.

The UK Vizion Helmet Mount is a unique mounting plate for easily attaching a lamp to your hardhat or work helmet. It allows the light to be easily removed or installed with one hand, and is a fantastic low-profile lighting solution for all environments.

Vizion I - Industrial LED Headlamp

The 3AAA eLED® Vizion™ I Headlamp is the world's first headlamp built specifically for utility, industrial, and refinery applications. The contoured rubber strap securely grips your hard hat, leaving your hands free for whatever your job demands. It provides bright illumination but is so lightweight you’ll barely notice it is there.

Rated Intrinsically Safe and Class 1, Division 1 certified (explosion proof), this should be your first choice headlamp in hazardous locations work. Available with a rubber strap, woven band, or the Vizion Helmet mount. 

   Hands free lights

The 3AAA eLED® Vizion™ I Headlamp is also the first headlamp to have a rotation light and lens that moves up and down without the use of a plastic hinge so it is extra durable. Whatever challenges your work environment present, our waterproof, rugged 3AAA eLED® Vizion™ I Headlamp can take them, all the while providing bright, long-lasting light.


Vizion Z3 Headlamp

3AAA eLED Vizion Z3 is a brighter, non-certified version of the Vizion I

With its three power modes, High, Medium, and Low, the light has a lot of versatility for different situations. It produces a more powerful 210 lumens of light on high power, and can run on High mode for 3.5 hours, or a whopping 32 hours on low power.

Use the high power to see further and into tight spaces, or the low power for in-close work. 

The Z3 uses easily available AAA batteries to light you way, and is also available with the helmet mounting plate, the rubber strap, or the fabric band. 



Vizion Z3 - Herculite Series

The latest addition to the UK headlamp series, the red 3AAA eLED Herculite Z3 differs from the others in its construction. It is chemical resistant, resisting wear and corrosion from many of the most common industrial compounds.

Unlike metal lights, it is also eletrically non-conductive.

Like the Vizion I and Vizion Z3, the Herculite Z3 is waterproof to 10ft and is built to be used in any weather. 



Herculite series lights are resistant to many of the most common industrial compounds, including